Contact Tracing For Venues & Events

East Coast Health Logistics provides an easy to use platform to help safeguard your family, friends and loved ones. Up to 79.9% of Covid-19 transmissions can be prevented with immediate testing and tracing. As the country continues to reopen, contact tracing is an essential tool to establish a smarter, safer event.


Venues create events and connect them to the event host.

Event Host

Hosts receive an invite from the venue and send a link to share with attendees


Guests register, and once approved, receive a digital code for event check-in.

What's Required?

New York State guidelines (as of March 15, 2021) currently require all indoor event attendees to provide contact information and COVID-19 immunization / testing status before attending.

This includes:

East Coast Health Logistics' platform collects this information from event attendees, verifies the paperwork of each guest, and provides on site staff to register guests on arrival to ensure event compliance.

Interested? Get In Touch

If you're hosting an upcoming event, manage a venue in the New York area or just want more information about the services we provide, please fill out our contact form and someone will be in touch with you in 24 hours.

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